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Where the Bloody Hell Are You?

Hey there,

Well it looks like cheeky Australian forwardness is a tad too much for the British censors with the banning from commerical British tv of the new Australian tourism advertisement.

What would Benny Hill have to say about that?

But never mind about censors being confused, they’re creating more free publicity for the promotion than could have been hoped.

It seems though than many overseas don’t get the question – Australia is regularly listed as a first preference for US and UK visitors but the distance has spooked off visitors – hence the question; “Where the bloody hell are you?”.

At market I meet lots of international visitors and they are all enamoured of Australia finding it a relaxed, friendly, welcoming place with a society that is easy to be part of – being similar in positive ways to life at home.

But I’m a tad biased aren’t I?

So make the booking and come on over and explore this fabulous land down under!

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