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Where's the money?

Hey there,

Knowing where the money is makes for a successful business. Where are the income sources for the business?

For me they include weekly markets, jewellery parties, online and mail order shopping, wholesale orders, wedding orders and special custom orders.

These can also be called distribution channels because they are how I can distribute (provide) my goods to my customers.

I’ve worked with people who have taken their eye off the money and lost their business for doing so. It is a horrible experience to loose your business so keep your eye on the ball, don’t be distracted by non-income producing things that may be fun but soak up money, attention and time.

Instead put your efforts towards developing areas of the business that will make income for you and the business, that will make money for the business and enjoy the benefits of having a successful business – being able to donate more to your favourite community group, investing in working on the business rather than in it, and living a good and full life.

Beautiful Sets of Jewelry Make Great Presents for yourself, friends and family. 



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