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Who Wants to Make a Living from their Craft?

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For those of us who love crafts like quilting, patchworking, scrapbooking, beading, any sort of craft one of the most challenging things is finding the balance between gathering too much of a good thing and having money for the rest of things in life (or getting more crafty things!).

When I decided to be serious about earning my living from my craft – beading and jewelry making – I decided to learn from others. One of the books I devoured was “Crafting for Dollars – Learn How to Set Up, Start Up and Prosper – Maintain and Expand a Successful Craft Business – Recognise and Avoid Common Difficulties” by Sylvia Landman ISBN 0-7615-0442-7.

There’s also “Selling Your Crafts” by Susan Joy Sager ISBN 1-58115-266-3 that is worth exploring as well.

Neither cover building income from a website but the Internet Marketing Centre’s course is excellent and far more detailed (with examples you can copy!) than any one book on building an arts and craft business could achieve. 

Personally I recommend both – the Internet Marketing Centre and the books! I also have a series of free business building articles online for you too.

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Happy Crafting!


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