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Why Every Studio Needs a Supervisor

For years now the Creatively Belle studio has had a very diligent supervisor, one who makes sure that work is done, especially if there’s a chance to be in the middle of it, and attention is paid to the finer details.

Her name is Shelly, the beautiful tortoiseshell (or calico, if you’re in the USA) cat who introduced herself to me at the Cat Protection Society over 10 years ago.

Fortunately for me, much more work is achieved when I’m being diligently supervised by such a creature. I’m never distracted with requests (demands?) for food and cuddles. Work is never tipped over and scattered everywhere when a certain feline decides it’s the right moment to get up on the work table because I’ve left the room. None of this ever happens.

So I’ve come to the natural conclusion that every studio needs to a supervising cat, if for no other reason, that they’re adorable.

You can follow the antics of Shelly the Studio Supervisor Cat on Instagram.

Plain Speaking

Shelly can be very clear in her intent for me to understand her instructions about what she wants to have done. Sadly for her, I don’t always interpret her meaning properly which can be awfully frustrating.

Shelly the Supervisor being very clear about her intent

Now listen carefully

Important Inspections

As a Supervising Cat it is important that work in progress is regularly inspected to ensure the high standards of the studio are maintained.

Our supervisor managing the stocktake of works

Our supervisor making sure work is in progress


Keeping away those troublesome birds

Making sure all goes to plan

Making sure all is going to plan

Supervising the initial drying stage

Cleanliness is Next to Godliness

It’s important to be well groomed and washed before starting Supervisor duties in the morning.

A good cat bath in progress for the supervisor

It’s important to be clean before starting work

Keeping an Eye on Proceedings

Even from her comfory homemade quilt, Shelly the Supervisor keeps a constant vigil on works in progress, even if the quilt was made for someone else.

Keeping on eye on the worker

Still on Duty, I can see what you’re doing!

Thinking Deeply

Obviously planning for the year ahead requires deep and serious thought as it certainly can’t be trusted to those humans.

Shelly the supervisor thinking deeply

Thinking deeply about the plans for the year ahead

Her deep thinking and love of watching the moon has inspired paintings too.

The Cat watching the Moon Watercolour is ready for framing is perfect

The Cat watching the Moon Watercolour is ready for framing

Sleeping on Duty

It does get all too much for an innocent little cat sometimes and a good afternoon sleep is required. Rest assured, that work inspections will be completed after the mandatory cat nap!

Sleeping on duty

Proof that the Supervisor does slacken off occasionally

Finding Her Way into Jewellery Designs

Is it little wonder that Shelly has found her way into my work, including necklaces and brooches?

Cat necklace and brooch collection ceramic jewellery by Creatively Belle at The Rocks Markets in Sydney

A Family of Bossy Studio Cats!


Cat necklace and brooch collection ceramic jewellery by Creatively Belle at The Rocks Markets in Sydney

A happy family of cats

Tell Us What You Think?

Do you think Shelly the Supervisor Cat is doing a good job? Who’s your supervisor?

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