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Hey there,

If you’re like me and my friend Kelly you love competitions, comps, and free competitions online and in magazines can be the best fun. I have a range of free online competitions for you with jewelry design competition too.

My friend Kelly is great at winning competitions and especially the 25 words or less ones because she thinks about who is running the comp and what they need, would like and where they are coming from. She’s the Queen of 25 Words or Less Comps!

Instead of writing some sort of sob story or blurb about her, Kelly writes something smart and enticing for the business running the competition. So if it is a shoe designer then she uses the business’s name, says something how fantasic the shoes are – something about a benefit of the shoes – and how she loves them.

To whoever is judging the competition and picking a winner they are going to send their goods to they will choose the person who has come up with the best entry about them over someone trying it on with a sob story.

Kelly likes the 25 words or less competitions because she has a much higher winning rate with them because she writes answers with the judges in mind. For her the competition is about clever ideas rather than luck of being randomly picked.

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Good luck!

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