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Working through Stashes

I’ve decided that I’m going to start working through my stash. I’m going to work on specific projects and until I’ve got a project happening (and maybe even finished) I won’t add to my stash – that will certainly be a challenge.

I read about this approach in a craft magazine and thought I should apply this to all my various stashes. I’m pretty good with my bead stash but I still have copious about of beads not made up into designs.

All this stuff gets bought because I love the designs and colors but really, they need to be used. I get focused too much sometimes on what I’d do with everything eventually made up but that’s not the problem for now so I needn’t really fuss about it. If I make more than I can use or give as presents then I can use it for fundraising for a chosen charity or maybe even sell it.

So we’ll see how that works!

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