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Wrap With Love 702 Knit In

Hey there,

Every July I love hearing about the knit in supported by 702. Each year I think of how I’d love to be involved and suddenly it’s on and I’m not doing anything about it. And now there’s a drop off place just near me! (more online)

I learned to knit as a child so would need to practice before submitting anything but an easy solution could simply be to send in some wool or yarn now so others can knit with it.

I bought some yarn for a woman who knits outfits for rescued animals as I love what she does and want to be part of it. So the knitting may not be my involvement but I can help with resources! The latest animal rescue outfits Maureen has made are for penguins after an oil spill. We may not know when the next one will be but the penguin rescuers will be equipped with over 30 little jumpers in a range of football colours! AFL, Union, League, international teams, the works. I love her imagination and devotion to looking after others.

So if you want to be involved in the Wrap With Love project get knitting or shopping for wool to post in (and wool is light to post!). To help I’ve included some links for you.

Click here for more info about the Fifth Annual 702 ABC Sydney Knit In

Click here to find out more about knitting instructions.

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